• Built as an integrated productivity suite for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) ezBiz is an ERP on its own right.The roadmap charted for the solution allows business to use ezBIz as their “one app” required to help run their organizations.

    ezBiz is an integrated suite of Business applications that helps business owners focus on the important task of growing the business rather than paying undue attention to micro decisions.The problem quagmire facing small and medium business owners is the balance needed to know how the business is operating now with updated information and details without needing to physically intervene in every transaction Vs focusing outward on growing your business.ezBiz is precisely the tool to solve this problem.

    The feature rich modules within ezBiz ensures that business processes are managed conveniently and effectively. The application consisting of popular business workflow modules such as Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounting, etc. and makes use of collaboration & integration technology to help teams work together from across the world to meet demanding business objectives.

    thinkCube operates a Global SaaS service at ezbizapp.com which provides greater insight to the solution.

  • ezBiz enables a convenient and seamless management experience for the business owners with cutting edge technology.

    • Access business data over the internet with any device from anywhere
    • Manage and monitor invoices and payment collections
    • Get notified on daily sales, collection or on payment dues
    • No installations, no additional hardware
    • Easy to learn, adapt and work with
    • Available in English and a multitude of languages where required
    • Payments as you use
    • Variety of solutions based on the operations of the business
  • ezBiz offers a wide spectrum of helpful features to assist the owner to grow his/her business. A summary of features are given below.

    Multi Location - manage all locations of your business such as your Warehouse, Head Office, Showrooms and other similar facilities in one app.

    User Permissions – ability to assign users accessibility to various modules within the app.

    Multi User - delegate responsibilities to the staff through its Multi-User feature

    Integration – the business information included in the system is able to communicate with other functions of your business.

    Reports - Generate and view reports on the business processes in a timely manner

    Data Backup - Backup your data to the cloud according to a schedule or manually

    Subscribe and Go – no need to spend time or money installing a business information system. ezBiz is a cloud solution which can be accessed through your preferred web browser.

    Customizable templates – ability to customize the layout of document templates such as invoices, Purchase orders, Quotations, etc..

    Security – the business data is protected by modern security techniques.

  • LeapX has been designed and built to enable the consumption of content in a ubiquitous manner. As the brand name implies, L​ earn , ​ e ​ ntertain ​ a ​ nd ​ p ​ lay anything (​ X ​ ) is the solution mantra. Built as a truly next generation platform which scales to millions of users and content, LeapX is architected to handle any form of content, engage users in any form and be accessible anywhere/any device.

    Offered with High scalability with a comprehensive feature set, LeapX will provide a consumption experience which is intuitive and enjoyable to the user, while allowing content owners a set of easy to use tools present an ensemble of content.

    As a configurable platform LeapX can be adopted as a MOOC, Learning Institution LMS or a Corporate Training LMS.

    • Consume any content, anywhere using any device
    • Use a wide range of Content, delivered optimally
    • Latest learning techniques provides higher level of effectiveness to a broader selection of consumers
    • Configurable Platform to suit requirements
    • Optional Integrations to make training a seamless exercise
    • High degree of scalability which allows adaptation to demand
    • Comprehensive feature set
    1. Large Range Content Types Ability to handle a large range of content types from Documents to Videos to interactive Content
    2. Integrated Online classroom Conduct private tutoring online or use the tool to create a blended learning experience
    3. Quizzes and automated quiz marking Assess and measure the capability of the followers through automated Quizzes and answers
    4. Library Two types of libraries will hold your digital content as reference.
    5. Pay as you GROW - Scalability Scale the solution based on demand
    6. Leaderboards and Badges Include Gaming concept into the learning experience to motivate students /followers
    7. Charts and Figures / Visual Stats Detailed reporting to provide insights into usage and adoption
    8. Progress tracker Provide users ability to track their progress based on completion of tasks
    9. Adaptive learning Responsive training dependant on user’s progress
    10. Organization Structures (Corporate and Institution LMS) Map the organization to the LMS to ensure compliance to requirements
    11. Training Series ​ (Corporate and Institution LMS) Structure your training as a series or course to fit outcomes
    12. Batch Management ​ (Corporate and Institution LMS) Manage trainee groups within the system
    13. Grade Book ​ (Corporate and Institution LMS) progress on the online Report card
    14. Audits Call back archived reports for audit purposes
    15. API for third party integration Integrate the solution with any third party application including HRIS

assign trainings to new recruits and talented empployees earmarked for skills development


schedule and maintain a training calendar coneniently.


map out your employee skills according to your company hierachy


create and maintain a skills development road map for your employees.


conveniently schedule recurring trainings over a period of time


grades from courses and assessments are maintained in a single gradebook


the notifications module notifies you immediately of updates and reminders


maintain a record of all your training and development activities


integrate with third party softwares to smoothly transfer information


fully brand your instance of LeapX Corporate to match your organization's marketing


easily create courses for your employees on your corporate training platforms


conduct periodical assessments to monitor standards across your organization


meet and train employees virtually using our video conferencing and virtual classroom facilities


stay ahead of the game with information on the newest learning patterns your corporate training platforms is facilitating

  • Hudlmo is the next generation online collaborative tool will brings a complete set of collaboration tools bundled in one Services. Hudlmo allows organizations or groups of individuals to work, corporate and engage wherever they are, using any device of their preference. The ease of setting up events combine with simple, yet advanced features and positions, Hudlmo as a highly valuable service to exercise in local markets. The Online Meeting and Huddle services are mainly focused on groups who needs to collaborate formally or informally, while the Classroom and Webinar features are used to train / knowledge share a large crowd through a session which could be delivered by a subject expert.

    • Complete portfolio of tools in one service
    • Free to Premium packages to fit requirements
    • Participant limits are aligned with the tool used
    • No Software installation
    • No user training required
    • Reach a Global Audience
    • Monetize existing services ( such as teaching) to a larger Audience
    • 4-in-1 Service Use Webinars, Online Classrooms, Online Meetings or Huddles , depending on requirement.
    • Event scheduler Schedule events prior to reach a better participation
    • interactive classroom The One-to-One and Many-to-One interactions through chat, raising questions etc
    • group collaborations Connect multiple parties to online meetings and handouts
    • Event Store Listing of events to achieve better publicity
    • Social Media Integration Use your social media credentials with a single click of a click
    • Share mouse & keyboard control Let participants offer their views by sharing the control of the session group & private sessions
    • public & private events Expose event to the public or a to private communities as required
    • Onscreen drawing tool Spontaneous adoption of the situation at hand by moving away from prepared Content .
    • Store and share materials Upload material prior to the session and fetch them at the required instance.
    • Conduct pollsObtain views of participants on key matters by conducting a polls during the session
  • Swisher is an application platform that facilitates development and deployment of applications and provides framework for the creation and sustenance of a strong developer ecosystem. Ease of deployment, elegant architecture propels swisher to position as a game changer for service providers who have the desire to enter into the new arena of ICT Services. The app lifecycle management elements of swisher allows developers to engage with their core competency and leave the details of monetization to the service provider without burdening the partnership. We believe that swisher will be a game changer in the Telco revenue space in the long run.

    1. Re-Monetize existing revenue sources by ​ I ​ ntegrating and offering network services such as SMS, USSD,IVR(Interactive voice response), location and billing services as APIs for applications to be developed and deployed.
    2. Address different market verticals by using Swisher’s the application development support layer as well as the scalable deployment layer which provides complete platform capabilities for developers.
    3. Provide an efficient app deployment infrastructure to compete with international IaaS vendors with the value add of Network and Popular APIs.
    4. Create a multitude of revenue streams which are retainable and augmentative in revenue.
    5. A complete set of features to build a developer community around the platform and service delivery.
    6. Utilize existing Data Centre resources to generate multiple revenue streams
    • Packaged Development Environments Deploy application within a containerized deployment environments which support easy scale and high-availability.
    • Deployment Options Choice of single deployment environments fully Redundant environments that can be deployed over multiple physical data centres
    • Intuitive Admin Panel Monitor applications by the swisher admin panel which is designed to provide seamless user experience for you.
    • Application Service Support Allows you to 100% focus on your application logic since it handles the common application service support for your application by itself.
    • Swisher service APIs Push-Notification, Email, SMS,Storage and Scheduling API will help you to manage your services seamlessly.
    • Service Management through packaging Control hooks which permits service packaging and consumption control of applications.