What we do

From our Humble beginnings, almost a decade ago, we have striven to adopt new technology, methods and patterns to chart our journey as evangelists of Digital Life. Building Products which bring a host of solutions and helping our clients take concepts to the the cloud has been, and will be, our focus. We strive to provide the technology tools to sculpt solutions to overcome obstacles, inefficiency repetitive and non-repetitive tasks as we refine the age old quest for better tools for a better life. In simple words, we believe in creating cloud digital services which helps the world to move beyond.

As we weave our picture in the Digital Service space, we also engage in partnerships which accelerates and adds value to the proliferation. We engage partners in building solutions as well as engage users. We strongly believe that partnerships are an important cog in our machine, while we focus on building solutions accessible anywhere, anytime on any device with emphasis on usability and user experience.

100+ Clients
50000+ Online Users
4 Saas Products
Lifecycle management for Apps

Concept to Proof

Move from an idea to a prototype and on to a Minimum viable Product

Solution Development

Convert a Minimum Viable product or a detailed specification to a solid, reliable solution with a scalable architecture.

Cloud Deployment

Deploy your solution on our well secured cloud which is dedicated to hosting applications or on a cloud resource of your choice

Cloud Ops

Conduct parallel run and fine tune your solution to comply with your requirements

24*7 Support

Constant support throughout the solution lifecycle

Continuous Engagement

Enhance your solution through change management with the people who gave life to it.

For all devices

Our Cloud Apps

We have built cloud apps to access multiple verticals simultaneously. Our products are developed with the view of offering them as white-label applications to our Service Partners. They can be co-branded / Self Branded based on our partner’s preference. The Industries we hope to revolutionize are - Business | Education & Training | Productivity.

ezBiz is an integrated suite of business applications offered as a SaaS targeting the Small and Medium Business sector. The app can also be recognized as a mini ERP. ezBiz continues to add modules that assist main business workflows, enabling a hassle free business management experience from any location, at any time.

LeapX is a highly scalable and a comprehensive E-learning and Training Platform which allows service providers, corporates and Education institutes to reach a wider audience with a comprehensive set of learning tools. LeapX is a single platform which can be configured to function as a Public MOOC, Online Education institute or a Corporate Training LMS.

Hudlmo is a collaborative suite offered in one service which enables the individuals and organisations to work collaboratively despite the geographical boundaries.Whereas the Online classroom is an effective tool in education and training, the Webinar solution is a powerful marketing tool. The online meetings is a formal tool for organization, in contrast to the Huddles which is an ad-hoc meeting solution for small groups.

Swisher is a platform that consists of many micro components that work together to provide a hybrid SaaS and PaaS platform which aims to make application development and deployment easier. The platform removes the common and repetitive tasks and automate them behind a simple user interface. The platform is a powerful App monetization framework.
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