Who Are We

Today, Cloud Applications and Digital Services are not for only for the affluent or the tech Savvy. In the Digital World, users and applications are a way of life. We at thinkCube strive to ignite this requirement and be a proponent of a sustainable tomorrow, with higher efficiencies, greater effectiveness and a better potential for all.

Our drive in the Digital Service space with our collaborative outlook, places us in a unique position to interact both with users and service partners. We are focused in our efforts in building applications which work across access technologies and devices. The emphasis we place on Usability and Interaction in our Applications will always be at the top of our minds.

We will iterate to fulfill the ambitions of all cloud dreams that engage us. We are not simply a technology team, we are a business/service partner to all our users.

Our Culture

Culture is built and not acquired. We tirelessly pursue a path to bring a culture which nourishes creativity, teamwork and respect to our surroundings. We hire members with winning and cooperative attitudes to our team. We believe that the ability and desire to grow in life as persons matter more, than the working experience.

We inculcate innovative thinking in the products and solutions we build and always welcome fresh ideas from anyone prepared to explore. The fact that some of the tools we use internally have been the pet projects of our very own team members is a testamentary to our culture of innovation and teamwork.

thinkCube has an open door policy where everyone is well recognized and respected. We look forward to growing as a team while reaching our company’s, our customers’ and our partners’ goals along with the aspiration of our team.


To create core technologies, applications and tools which drive creation, delivery and adoption of digital services globally.


A vibrant global neighborhood empowered to harness the advances of technology for a convenient, connected and simplified tomorrow.

Key Expertise

Our sound technical expertise has been gained over many years of engagement by a team of highly motivated and flexible individuals. Our Deep understanding of Cloud applications and operations places us in a position to support our clients and partners in building and operating cloud application.

Our Promise

Quality, Consistency and Delivery are the cornerstones of our promise to our Customers and partners alike. We believe in building long term relationships and will ensure a service that will closely align with your business goals.

Our Team

Mithila Mendis
Chaminda Mahendra
Shermila Balasuriya
Salithra Pathirana
Namal Mallawarachchi
Sasitha Kangara
Ruvini Wijenayaka